Really old amp, looking for specs and know-how

I’ve found an acura amp-70 from Eltax but can’t find the specs or manual online. It’ll mainly be used for driving headphones, probably a beyer pair. Do you think it’ll be able to push the 250 ohm(+) pairs? If not I can run an 80 ohm pair from my motherboard, I’m just interested to see if it’d be possible.

Features of the amp:

  • manual bass and treble knobs
  • mic input with loudness knob
  • headphone output
  • dual RCA input for tape, tuner, av1/av2, CD, and phono (not sure what that means)
  • preset eq and external processor options (not sure how those work either)

Any help would be massively appreciated. Thank you in advance :smiley:

This is an Eltax Acura-70 amplifier. Lightweight but powerful Amplifier with 6 inputs for all your devices - including. Phono/ 2 x AUX/ Radio/ CD/ Tape. 2X 50W per channel. Manual Bass & Treble, plus Preset EQ with an input for a seperate equalizer or processor. Also with mic input and headphone socket.

  • Lightweight but powerful Amplifier.
  • 2 x 50W RMS .
  • Banana and standard speaker connections.
  • Super bass system (Manually switches on or off).
  • 6 x line input.
  • Analogue connections from PS3, Xbox, PC, Plasma/ LCD TV (sounds great).
  • Analogue audio inputs Phono (turn table), CD, AV1, AV2, Tuner.
  • Frequenzy range 20Hz-20KHz .
  • Power consumption: 100W.
  • Power source: 220V- 240V.
  • Tone control Treble and Bass (manually adjusted).
  • Balance control (manually adjusted) .
  • Build in equalizer for music, Pop, Rock, Classic, Flat (manually adjusted).
  • Analogue Tape play and record at same time.
  • Headphone output on front panel (great sound) .
  • Front panel push buttons for all connections with L.E.D indicators for each .

Thats pretty much what was available.

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just about every amp on the planet can push 250ohm HP’s. id imagine it will be fine.

Great, thank you for the help.