Really short mini toslink to toslink needed

shortest I’ve seen is a 1.5ft cable that needs an adapter…which I’d rather not have. are there 6" or so options out there that you know of? please share!

Why short?
Edit: something like this 6inch in lenght or shorter?

because the ENGO2 Pro doesn’t support USB input…so I need a short cable to go between my Mac Mini and the DAC…it will be sitting on top of the Mac as part of my stack.

also, that’s mini to mini…and I’d rather not have to use an adapter if it can be avoided. ?

I was also preferring to the length… not the tips… as in something this length.

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I think that one is a bit too short. I’d like at least 6"…

They kinda make what length you want and what tips… so email them and ask.

man alive…prices are ridonkulous!

Well you wanted a short one. Price ain’t going down just because it has less material in them. lol