Rear stage for office pc setup?

Is there any kind of general consensus for having a pair speakers behind the listener-- not for surround so much as for rear fill? I don’t see hardly anyone with this configuration posting. For me it’s mostly it’s to enjoy music while I work on the computer, which is a lot these days. I have a DAC that does surround so that’s a possibility too. Main DAC hasn’t been chosen yet… paralyzed on that decision with so many choices :frowning:
I jury rigged a temporary pair and love how it sounds once the speakers were decently balanced but the rear pair (satellites from Edifier S350DB) are outclassed by the S3000 Pros in front.
Thinking of Jamo S801 PMs or similar that would match decently with the S3000 Pros but cost $500 or less, hopefully. Suggestions?

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Quadraphunky ! only thing better then 4 speakers is more speakers. Serious note its distracting hearing percussion behind the ear to my P-brain :peanuts:. Being that during recording/mixing/live, the musicians are always facing the listener. guess you can reimage you are in the middle of the stage like a metallica concert. Fun though playing with DSP and speaker config on a AVR.

Appreciate the thoughts. Still pondering Jamo, Swans and a few others. It would be easier if there were only several thousand variables instead several million :laughing:

Get another identical pair to timber match :evergreen_tree:. But then you cant add to the collection. Final answer get identical matching would be the move. Doing something similar using 3 sets of neumi bs5’s for bed ch. in a HT.

I wimped out on the price for another pair of S3000 Pros and chose Swans M200 Mkiii+ instead. I was sliding into the pit of analyzation paralyzation…
Now I need to overcome paralysis and pull the trigger on a DAC. Pretty much decided on the Topping DX7S. It has balanced hp, balanced and un outs, a nice display and a reportedly sweet volume knob. And a damn good price. I also got a Bellari HA 540 Mk2 so I can hear what tube rolling is all about. On a roll here doing my part to support the economy :rofl:

Were you planning on running fronts and back’s at the same time?

Sometimes just to fill the room, i play “multi channel stereo” sound from all speakers.
The thing is like Flaculence mentioned. Every speaker should still sound the same. It will sound pretty odd otherwize. :slight_smile:

Multi channel stereo is what I’d planned on, what I’ve got going now with the S3000s and S350DBs.
Maybe a DSP to tweak the rear pair? If it sounds too weird I can return them and get another pair S3000s I guess.
I’ve been using the (Peace) APO Equalizer to compensate when I watch a movie or listen to music that needs a little help. It’s a great piece of donation based software.

somewhat took my own advice running klipsch fronts/rears floor channels and miccas for center/heights in a 15x15x20 HT. Playing with DSP im in the middle of an orchestra in all channels driven mode. cant hear the difference in timbre but the obsessive picking of my noodle will not let it get past, “what if”.

got a side project for secondary 2.2 using a laptop/Tv/dac/mindsp/amp. More than likely the full zeos but low buck route swapping in nanodigi and a 2nd dac. Basically a lego reciever.

The Swans (M200 MKIII+) have landed. Love em. Right out of the box, after an hour or so of listening surrounded by the Swans and Edifiers (S3000 Pros) I can say the Swans have more low mids and low in general. Still need a sub but it’s all really nice. Nothing weird about the overall sound- the speakers aren’t so different that I’m noticing it after the initial comparison period. I might just put the Swans in front and use the Edifiers behind me since they have a little less low end but such a sweet middle and high. Not that the Swans aren’t nice up there too but they are better in the lower range. Take this with a grain of salt, it being after only an hour of listening.


:thinking: think will try actives.

Since we are in the field of hi-fi and audio, they should sound the same. I mean not even headphone users have 2 different types of pads in one headphone, cause sound difference. Even if differences are small.
Now you did notice differences as you described and even might switch them, that would have not happened with similar sounding speakers.
If you pay attention to the music specially when moving, you will notice the differences.
Some could say it sound bit “weird” or at least not similar.
It has the potential of being very disturbing at some point and you might need another set of Swan’s, if you preferred their sound better.

Even in large car garages that usually have crappy speakers blasting… with 2 or more different speakers from the junk pile… difference is clear very fast and starts to disturb very fast and as a friend of audio.
even if it sounds crap in general… it’s worse to sound 2 types of crap.

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Might be more pronouced in active speakers because of the built-in amplification. No ?

Hmm- could be I will migrate towards feeling the difference is bothersome but so far no. So far it is a room full of audio goodness :slight_smile:
Playing with JRiver now. Seems like every day I find some new thing that opens up a world of questions and answers. Such is the nooblife.

Why not come on over to the darkside and get a AVR.

Crikey mate one step at a time :rofl:
Serious answer is oh I will… I will. But not until after I spend a boatload of money remodeling the downstairs. So the bigscreen environment is a ways off.

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AVRs get poopoo’d for being low quality gear, maybe justified but man theyre fun to play with.

Ever gotten a chance to toy with a Behringer Ultradrive or DBX DriveRack?

Nope, but i watch alot of warren huart youtube ch. ?

Spent some time measuring and moving and adjusting, swapping front and back (Swans in front now) and critically listening. Both the Swans and Edifiers sound great on their own- really great. Blended together like this is heavenly. Still looking forward to the arrival of my sub so see how the satellites sound with the low end load removed.
The Edifiers with the bass knob turned to about 1 o’clock is really close to the same as the Swans at noon. All the talk about the Swans being warmer and with better low end comes down to turning a knob a little. SQ-wise they’re close enough that it would take a better ear than mine to note the subtle differences. Both are great :slight_smile:
The Edifier remote is a joke with the icons needing a flashlight directly on them to be visible. The Swans have that too short umbilcal. Annoying on both counts and pretty minor but those are my only complaints so far. Other than since the Swans are significantly cheaper I shoulda just got 4 of those :laughing:

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Get 4 subs.