Rec your favorite ASMR here

I listen to ASMR quite a lot and actually judge headphones and IEMs on how they handle certain binaural recordings.

Why not share some of your favorite ASMR artists, videos or recordings for all of us to enjoy? Or chat about some of your favorite headphones or IEMs that bring the tingles?

I’ll start, I’ve been a fan of Freds Voice ASMR for years. He has tons of high quality content. Here’s his latest video to check out…

That poor microphone! :sleepy:

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I don’t get tingles, I use it to relax and focus. But just like music, I prefer female voices to male’s.

I’m mostly relaxed by microphone triggers like brushes or fluffy wind shields. I also love unboxes/reviews softspoken/whispered.


I totally get that… This is my favorite video with a woman…

I usually don’t but have from time to time. I wish it would happen more often.

I have these saved in my favorites from Gentle Whispering ASMR…


Le Queen!

Gonna grab a listen during work :slight_smile:

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I do the same. :slight_smile:

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Favorite ASMR trigger and the only one that’s ever worked for me in living memory is watching (or being peripherally aware of?) someone nearby doing some intricate mechanical/handiwork task and being completely absorbed in what they’re doing (i.e. no talking). Never got any tingles out of any YT video, though I might? have come close with one of these wood carving ones?

I hate the ones that do unnecessary tapping and other gestures, they lose me immediately when they do artificial things, it has to be necessary gestures for some real task only.


This is funny to me because I had a very similar ASMR experience and it had nothing to do with binaural audio or anything like that. I was really tired and had been playing Destiny with a bunch a friends on PS4. I was screwing around about to go to bed and there was only one other guy online and I could hear him. I could hear the clicks and clacks of his controller and I became mesmerized with the sound and got crazy tingles. It was awesome and felt so good and relaxing.

I’m always hoping for that moment again. Probably like the first high on heroin. You’ll never get it again. :frowning:

Not intended as ASMR, but it is.

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Ha ha, it doesn’t matter if it was intended to be or not. Thanks for sharing!

Here are a few of my unintentional faves!


Tell me you aren’t bored after 10 minutes

Then it should be ASMR gold.

I swear if I could only go back to college and record my Art History teacher giving her lectures, I’d be a rich man. I think she was capable of putting people in comas. It was a miracle I passed her class.

But yeah… I don’t think what you posted would be considered ASMR. Just music. Very repetitive music at that.

Yeah, well the example I was talking about above is from… a number of decades ago. :innocent:

I’m actually kind of annoyed to see how casually people talk about ASMR, like it’s this thing you can find on tap, just turn on a YT video and presto! When for me it’s like one of those elusive mysterious experiences that can’t be “made to happen”, there’s no method, you can’t just try and then succeed, it’s more like Buddhist enlightenment :stuck_out_tongue: - when the conditions are right it’s just gonna happen, but trying to get it done Right Now won’t get you anything, in fact trying too hard makes it less likely to happen. Probably just due to my trigger being what it is, other people really can get it on tap because their triggers are easy to reproduce via YT.

hmmm. ASMR is supposed to give you the weird chills. none of these did that. in fact, they just seem to be left / right channel testing as the sound goes back and forth.

what am I missing?

It’s weird comming from a non-outdoorsy guy that these two are my favorites ASMR vids. Fun fact, I also use the 4k campfire video as calibration material for screens.

For me this is it:

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