Reccomended Portable AMP/DAC under $150-$200

still free shipping… i just dont like paying way too much for shipping… not that i need 2 day

Okay I found the XD-05 for 169 on Amazon. I think that’s a good deal.

And if you want to try you can find it on eBay for less possibly.

Personally for your headphones I would go with the ifi, but if you plan on getting something power hungry in the future the xduoo would be my pick. The nano bl is also good with higher tier headphones as long as they are not too power hungry

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thanks… i just didn’t know which to do because 05 cheaper but with iDSD you get MQA support which i was always tempted about (one of the only reasons i thought of getting a dragonfly red)

also mostly just wonder if it supports 2.5mm balanced headphone jacks because it says it supports balanced but its a 3.5mm port

Do you think the features on the XD-05 might be better for also a lower price?

iFi uses a 3.5mm balanced system so if you ever wanted to use balanced you have to get a 3.5mm balanced adapter

I do think it has more features than the ifi, but it really depends on the headphones. If I had 58x I would go with the ifi but if I had 4xx the xduoo would be my pick

Makes sense. The XD-05 is closer to their budget though at 169 compared to 200 for the ifi on Amazon.

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ok, i will probably just not get a balanced cable because massdrop only has a 2.5mm

btw i chose that budget mostly because i didn’t think about upgrading headphones in the future

The XD-05 will be good for a lot of headphones. Plus, it is super durable and has better battery life than the ifi from what I know. And it has bass boost if you like that. The 1/4 jack also isn’t going to break anytime soon. But if you want the ifi then go for it too. Both are good.

The balanced doesn’t yield a power increase or anything on the ifi, so unbalanced sounds just as good


the only other thing i was thinking about was the fiio Q1 because its cheap and pretty well recieved…

I think the brt5 has kinda replaced it tbh

ok… probs going with ifi… even if it has a battery life, i can probably do good with it for the hours it has

Cool. Hope you like it!

doesnt the fiio btr5 have a plug in DAC feature? the btr1k as well as the btr3 does and it just runs off usb no baterry

With the ifi, if you connect it to the pc, and turn on the unit while plugged in it will bypass the battery

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One final question but related to a DAC

Do you think 58X can be run with the headphone out on powered speakers… because if so I can save 110 dollars and not buy a liquid spark, which means maybe more headphones or another upgrade

Which powered speakers?