Receiver Upgrade

Hey everyone,

I have an older Onkyo receiver that was a part of the home theater in a box that I bought years ago. It is a HT-R330 for reference.

I recently picked up an Asus PN50 and turned it into a streaming PC for video content. Bit, overkill but went that route due to pricing was not much more than other NUC due to deals at Microcenter.

I currently have the PC hooked up to a TV via HDMI in the eARC port and then via toslink out to the Onkyo receiver. Would there be any potential benefit over upgrading the receiver to connect via HDMI instead? I know with an upgraded receiver I could finally integrate a powered sub to the system at least.

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Current features, less wires,bluetooth, less remotes to adjust volume. i like the appletv 4k. You can check the hdmi cable, easy to use and the apple tv remote will adjust the volume of the integrated chifi amps.

Reason being with a PC, appletv miniDSPHD and a amplifier. You could piece together a nice 2.2 setup TV/music setup. Not sure if it will get more audiophile adding a better dac. Couldnt hurt and lot fun to find out.