Recomendation for a floorstanding speakers

Hi guys,
so I am looking to build an entertainment center in my home, and don’t know much about floorstanding speakers, and in my country my options are really limited between Klipsch and Q acoustics, those two companies are the only ones that has good reputation and available. Which is better? the RP - 6000f/8000f or Q acoustics 3050? for reference the entertainment room measurements are 5m in length, 7m in width, and 4m in height.

I would personally take the Klipsch towers if you watch more movies or tv, and the q acoustics if you listen to more music. For almost 50/50 usage I would also take the Klipsch as well

I’ve personally used a pair of Klipsch RF-63 (the first iteration of the model) more or less since they came out. Used them in a 2.1 setup, now 2.0 because my sub blew up, and I think they’re a fantastic pair of speakers. Provided that you have some decent amping behind them. They’re super efficient, but they certainly do not complain after a bit of upgrading on the amplification side of things.

Used a Primare i21 (2x75W @ 8 Ohm) amp initially, but upgraded to a Primare i32 (2x120W @ 8 Ohm) after a few years and it really did wonders for the sound, most noticeably in the low end. I’m sure some would categorize the combo as absolute treble murder on some tracks, because good lord those horns can pierce eardrums given the right angle. But overall I think it’s a fantastic combo.

The overall downside I reckon is the sweetspot is rather precise, at least for the older style Klipsch. I haven’t noticed as much pin-point accuracy “issues” with my R-41PM that I use on my desk.

Given your room size I’d say the Klipsch would work fine, as it more or less measures exactly like mine, minus the height. I haven’t had the pleasure to listen to Q Accoustics myself, but I don’t think they’d be a bad choice either.

I think that the Klipsch towers are pretty good for low end and are great for their horn tweeter, but can be kinda sloppy for only music listening, as I think the q towers are better in that regard, but the Klipsch have a much more meaty and full sound that the q towers don’t. You also get a more forgiving imaging range with the Klipsch, where I think the imaging on the q towers is more refined, but also is alot more picky with placement.

Maybe that has changed with the newer models and later revisions of the 6" towers from Klipsch. Back when I bought mine they weren’t really known for being low end heavy, rather being sought after as accurate mids to highs. Perfect for accoustics, string instruments and vocals. The 8" were certainly in a different game as far as low end punching power went.

Man, this makes me want to listen to some of the newer Klipsch. I’ve only listened to powered monitors or all-in-one speakers from their newer models. Not counting the Klipsch Heritage Headphone Amp, that thing is a beauty and a beast.

Yeah, Klipsch has changed from their older speakers, they go for a more full sound, especially with their heritage line. Currently my favorite Klipsch is the cornwall series, and I just got to hear the IV, and it’s excellent. The older Klipsch is more towards the more accurate and balanced side, but now they really kinda lean into their sound signature

That sounds promising. I might stick with them when looking for something new then. Although the RF-63’s are still kicking arse. Got a healthy boost to the low end when I upgraded my DAC to the stereo too.

Excuse me for the minor thread hijacking, but it’s fun hearing about the changes in their sound signature.

I think older Klipsch is great too, they have really just changed what they put out and how they market themselves. They have really kind of gone for the more enjoyable less technical side of sound. The rp600m is very impressive and enjoyable for the price, and they have really been killing it in the more affordable market, although there have been alot of killer speakers in the 500 usd and under range recently as well

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thank you all for the inputs. I will try and find local audiophiles here about shops that sells some other brands (people here don’t put their stores on google or have their websites for some reason). So far I think the klipsch will be the better option since I will use them mainly for sport/gaming/movies.