Recommend an affordable IEM for classical and jazz

Hey guys,
I’m looking for an IEM to use on my daily commute (train) and travelling generally (for home listening I use my hd650). My budget maxes out at about 130$. I’m a music performer and conservatory student, so I want the sound to be neutral and accurate (without being overly analytical). I’ve been looking at the tin t4 and shuoer tape. What would you recommend? Also should I wait for Black Friday or just snap up the t4 from indiegogo?

I would say the t4 is going to be very balanced and good for that genre. The t2 would also be good if you don’t want to get the t4

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you could also consider the Final Audio E2000 or if the budget allows, the E4000. the E3000 is bass heavy, so not best for either genre you specified.

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They are good as well if you like a bit warmer of a sound imo

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I would say classical needs warmth. jazz is give n take. I find jazz often sibilant, so warmth is appreciated on my part.

I think the t4 would work petty well than as it’s a bit warmer than the t2 according to some people. Mines still in the mail

Yes, I find warmth pretty important too. I listen dominantly to classical music and instrumental jazz, both need warmth. That’s what I like about my sennheisers.

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As much as I want to say grab the t4 like many of us have I haven’t gotten mine in to try it. Maybe the ikko oh1 really good bass focused great mids awesome shimmer on the treble

The oh1 signature imo might not be ideal for classical tbh

That’s true missed the classical for some reason just saw jazz and warmth and oh1 's popped in

From what I’ve heard about it, I think the T4 would work really well for what you want, but like other people have mentioned nobody really has their pairs yet to confirm. The T2 would definitely work well for those genres tho.