Recommend me a (closed?) HP with a single sided 3.5 cable


I am looking for a pair of headphones to use with my Boompro microphone.

It therefore needs to have a singlesided 3.5mm detachable cable.

I am considering whether I need it to be closed, so as not to have the sound from the HP interefere with the mic.

I need the HP to be easy to drive.

I have found the following myself:

Yamaha HPH-MT5
Beyerdynamic DT240 Pro.

Preferably not more expensive than 100-150ish US dollars (1000 DKK)

Any recommendations?

I don’t think the headphones being open will interfere with the microphone at all.
What kind of headphones are you looking for? Do you want them mostly for competitive gaming and some music? Or mostly music and some competitive gaming?

Well, I’ll be using them for music and talking on Discord - no competetive gaming.

Other than what i’ve described so far and them being over ear, i haven’t got too many more demands.

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Okay, there are a lot of options then I think.
Would durability be an important feature? Also, what kind of sound do you like? More bass? More detail? More of warm or clear sound?

I’d like them to be durable, yes. Not in a “can-be-run-over-with-an-Abrams-tank-durable” way, but enough for them to last roughly the two years the warranty lasts here in DK.

I have never really found out my favorite sound signature, but I believe it to be roughly a V-signature with some warmth to the sound. I like detail, but I am using Spotify so I haven’t got the best of sources.

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Ah, yes so V shaped usually isn’t warm, it has more bass, less midrange, and more treble. Warm usually has less treble, a little more midrange and bass.
So warm or V shaped? I think there are some good options there.
So if you are interested in a more warm sound, the Sivga SV006 are solid for the price. Not crazy bass, just enough, and the treble is dialed back some. I looked and it looks like these have a 3.5mm opening on the headphone jack that inserts into the headphones. If you want something super comfortable and durable, these are really good for the price. Usually under 100 USD. They also come with a bunch of different cords, even an airplane adapter, and the wood cups are nice. Pretty solid for the price.
There is also the Cooler Master MH751 for about 75USD, these are going to have a little more bass, but possibly a little less pleasurable sound. They already have a microphone attached to them. Or you can use a boom pro mic instead and take the other one out. Or you can get the Takstar Pro 82 which are the same headphones, just without the microphone.
These are some of the best options I could find for your needs with the boom pro microphone. Don’t worry about the negative reviews some of these got, most people don’t know what they are talking about with headphones lol.
Let me know if any of those look interesting!

In that case what type of music are you into?

I like all sorts of music - Classical, hip hop, rock, metal, EDM and indie among others

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I think any of the headphones I recommended that work with the boom pro would be good for those genres.
Edit: Also the Takstars have a Bass Boost switch if you like to play around with that.

Beyerdynamic custom one pro plus or custom studio could work for you.
They take 3.5mm in without being wierd about it.


I was thinking those might be good too actually, they’re kind of cool with the custom back plates you can get.

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