Recommendation for details in music IEM with out AMP

i am searching for IEM to use with HiBy R3pro saber i will not use AMP
so it is now between
Mangird Tea - DUNU EST 112 - LZ A7

i like details in music
muisc type classic jazz blue
balanced 2.5 cable can use

also if recoomendation out of this 3 IEM it is ok
budget 350-500$

Most iems don’t need an amp unless we are talking about e-stats or planars

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My set up is Hiby R3 Pro (non-Saber) with Mangird Teas hooked up via 2.5mm balanced cable and Low Gain. Drives the Teas no problem. Sure it would cope with other IEMs you have shortlisted as well. Choice of IEM will come down to what suits your library, the Teas sound very good with my library but that’s mostly rock, metal with some other stuff mixed in (punk, rap, indie).

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