Recommendation for speakers for video editing under $500 - Edifier S350DB

Hello, I’m looking into buying new speakers for my home office. I mainly use them for video editing and some gaming. I’m searching for something that is good quality, yet nothing too expensive or massive. I don’t like using headphones so that why I’m looking for some good speakers. I also have an adjustable standing desk, so cables can play a big factor.

There are 2 speakers that caught my eye, which I hope to get some feedback on. However, I’m open to other better suggestions if there are.
I got a recommendation for Edifier S350DB. Which I might go for, cause don’t see anything better for this price range.
I do like the Kanto YU2/4, but they are too pricy without a sub.

From what I see from different people, I’m not sure if I even need a sub, but I always had one.

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Well hello again! Glad you found your way to our humble corner of the internet. Hope you enjoy it!

Another option is buy a nice pair of speakers like the Kanto YU4/YU6 or a similar priced Edifier pair and then buy a sub later once you save up more money. That will also let you see if you even need a sub.


So a silly question. I got a sub now, if I turn the sub volume all the way down on it (the bass switch), will that be as if I don’t have a sub? To see if anything changes and how much I need it.

Can’t you zip-tie/velcro cables to the frame?

Alternatively, eye-bolts into the underside of the plate and zip-tie to those.

Yeah, but I would go ahead and get the sub volume where you like it and don’t touch it anymore. Then you can turn the power switch on/off to see how the sub affects everything (pause audio while doing this). That way you don’t have any variation in volume. You can change volume and the frequency of the low pass filter while you are integrating it with your speakers though.

Not sure, but I assumed to keep the sub on the floor, and the speakers/drivers on the table itself. So that’s why I was wondering, how long the cables are

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Unfortunately my Microlab speakers are so old that if I turn the power off on the sub both speakers also shut down. But I do think I will do for the Edifier S350DB at this point. I really like what I see and hear about it.

Gotcha. I would also keep an eye out for sales since black Friday is around the corner. And in keeping with the tradition, the sales start earlier every year.

$260 at Walmart currently.

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