Recommendation on dac under 1000?

I want the biifrost II but I’m not patient enough to wait for it, any other dac recommendation around this price?

The Soekris Ares II is about the same price and on the same level. different sound signature though. what amp do you have?

I currently have the rebelamp coming end of this week! I’m also debating headphones between Zmf aeolus and autear, if that helps make a recommendation @Antpage2

I god my Singxer Sda 2 C version today.OOouuuuffff not regretted to let it come in my House at the first minute after listening.
I am speechless about the chinese masterpiece.
Have or always find something that bothers me in the first few minutes but not at all.
Except that he is slightly distorted on the 6.3 Jack but still carry out causal research.On if it could be due to the burn in. On the XLR output is nothing and works really well.
Otherwise there would be Questyle cma 400 i where would be on an equal footing and got good reviews.
The Singxer Sda 2 can be found at Kitsune Hifi for Usa, Shenzen Audio has just reduced it.
However, duties and taxes still apply in the case.

Topping D90 wipes the table with anything mentioned before.
Still in same price range.