[Recommendations] Best Starter Front Stage

I’ve watched numerous reviews and read tons of stuff on Reddit and alike but I’m still unsure. Looking to buy a comfortable stepping stone front stage, that I can be very happy with for a while but still upgrade to higher end down the road. I have a Denon x1600h and plan to get the budget Dayton 12" sub as a starter since I can’t drop $5-600 on one now. Want to be up and running but comfortable for a while.

I’m consider the following, but absolutely open to similarly priced recommendations:

1: Total cheap-out: Denon B652-AIR/C452-AIR ($70)
2: Mid level: Sony SSCS5 trio ($150)
3: Higher level: Micca RB42 front and Micca OoO center ($210)
4: Kit deal: Jamo S 803 ‘kit’ $200

What do you guys think? Is the performance difference of any worth the price step or better to just go dirt cheap and move them to the rears/surrounds later on? *DISCLAIMER - I likely will never be at a place I can drop $500/speaker towards the setup. So consider my ‘upgrading’ potential to be less than what many on here likely do.


  • Listen to movies and music evenly.
  • Space is 15’W x 15’D, couch 10’ from front stage. Open up width wise to left of couch to dining room making it about 30’W x 15’D where I’d like music sound to carry but not movie.
  • Ideally want to be <$250 for fronts and center.