Recommendations for ambient

Hey All, I’m looking for a set of headphones because my kph30i gave up on me. I mostly listen to ambient like Jon Hopkins’ Music for psychedelic therapy and here’s what I like, or would like.

Open back, dynamic (don’t like linear planar bass), warm and natural, airy headphones (or earbuds). Preferably around 100 or lower.

I don’t need subbass and I’m not a basshead, 30is and Tin T2s are plenty bassy for me. I’m not a detail freak either although I’d like to have at least some detail retrieval.

What I am after though is a natural, transparent timbre. Good, immersive soundstage and imaging (doesn’t have to be huge). Warmth and a sense of lightness, air are important.

Any tips? SHP? Grado? 58x? ksc75? A-T ad series?

I don’t listen to ambient (that I know of), but when you described the sound you’re after my first thought was HD58X. Such a great pair of headphones with some warmth, but not as much as the 600/650, decent bass response, good detail retrieval, and non-fatiguing for extended listening sessions. At or near the $100 mark I don’t think you can do any better.

Edit: I should mention that you’ll need to grab them used. I think they’re going for $179 new these days, but you can routinely find them for $125 or less on the used market.

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