Recommendations for Amps in Europe

Does anyone have any recommendations for amps around 400-500 euro or sterling that are available in Europe ? Looking for high amounts of balanced power about 2W @ 50ohm.

May import a THX 789/887 but I’m unsure of the cost of import fees to the UK or Ireland.

Also does anybody know of any good sites for audio gear reviews/information in Europe ? Most stuff seems to be reviewed by Yanks and uses the context of their pricing.

How much can you get a cayin iha6 over there? (I would check for used as well)

LakePeople G111 should be in budget.
LakePeople G105 is definetly in budget, has only balanced in though.

If you don’t mind B-Stock, Thomann has the RNHP for 453€

Can’t find any in-depth reviews of the Palmer PHDA 02, but should also be an option. (£263 from Thomann)

New: Lol, nope

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The RNHP does not have lots of power or a balanced headphone out which I think @Vespahawk was looking for

The G111 has the power but no balanced out (which isn’t an issue to me)

The g105 could be balanced output but you would need to get a custom cable


If your looking at the 789, u can get the smsl sp 200


Yeah that’s no from me lol

Was thinking that but between the tilt and quality control cant bring myself too

Is the Fostex HP-A4 BL any good ?

It is a good unit but very light on power tbh if you really have something that likes it’s power

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okay thank you, maybe not then

What exactly do you want to power and balanced output for, just curious?

Phantoms at the moment but want too get some verites or LCD’s in the future

Could you possibly link some sites you can buy from, just to see what’s available to you?

Take a look of the Beresford. When you don‘t know it.
The guy make a not bad Dac and Amp for Headphone.

Take a look of the Caiman/seg dac, with the Dorado mk2.

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Thank you for the suggestion mate, i’ll have a look

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I should read the OP more carefully

I can’t say anything lol were all guilty off it

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This might be very tricky, specially for new.
Maybe something in used market?

Or just order the THX and pay and cry about the import.

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