Recommendations for best $400 closed back headphones for gaming (FPS)

I am wondering what the “best” closed back headphones people would recommend for mainly FPS gaming (general use/music secondary) for around $400ish. I do understand due to the nature of closed back, they are not ideal for gaming.

For context I will be using a THX AAA 789 and Drop grace SDAC balanced.

All headphones I currently own currently:

  • Fostex T60
  • Harmonicdyne Zeus
  • Sundaras
  • Hifiman 4XX
  • sennheiser 6XX
  • AKG361
  • SHP9500
  • Sony XM3

I purchased a Hyper X cloud orbit S on sale for around $180 (have not opened them yet and was thinking about returning them) and was wondering if these would be sufficient or good enough. I also realize the imaging and detail on the both the Sundaras and Zeus are more than perfect for gaming, but they are very open. I guess Ideally it would be something with similar detail and imaging to both the Sundaras or Zeus but closed back, sound signature would be somewhat secondary.

All that to say should I keep or return the cloud orbits? Mod the T60’s for Argon (will do that eventually regardless but lead time is insane from what I heard) or was even thinking about getting the Dan Clark Aeon X closed back. I guess as an aside would the cloud orbit S be worse than the T60s?

TLDR: Recommendations for a closed back with similar detail and imaging to Zeus or Sundaras for FPS gaming.

What about the Neumann Ndh 20… I love mine.

honestly you should open them and listen to them. You can still return headphones after opening package. i like my cloud orbits a lot

detail and imaging closed back… yeah that would most likely be something like the dt 770, 177x go, and dt 1770 from beyerdynamic over there. Depending on the game though you’d need to be a bit more search heavy… if its a larger fps like Tarkov its going to be demanding.

orbit is decent, but does not best a Fostex t60 let alone the t50 in terms of sound quality and not even close to competing in the same soundstage… orbit is extremely narrow in comparison.

With all of what you have… why do you need a closed back? you have the Sundaras and 6xx both of which perform just fine in competitive gaming.

I completely overlooked these. I hadn’t really considered them but I’ll certainly take a look at them, thanks!

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I don’t have the Aeon X closed, but I have the Aeon RT Closed which are considered the same if not very close. Fantastic cans for the money for gaming or music. Just make sure you power them well.

I was looking at the sennheisers mainly the 177x go as I heard the 1770 has a tad too much bass.

The 770 80ohms (heard these were the better of the choices) are roughly around the same price were I live as the mmx300. I also heard the mmx300 is essentially a reskined 770 with a mic.

I guess as to why? Well I guess like the overall feel of closed backs? I use my xm3s during transit and yes while I understand these are wireless ANC headphones and aren’t on the same level as some of the others I listed, I do enjoy the “enclosed” feeling.

Disclamer: I have not had the experience of the Zues or Sundaras

That being said I own the Aeon OPEN X and love them for gaming so the closed are most likely solid. I also own the DT770 80ohm and they are my go to when I want to play and not disturb others. They have amazing accuracy and when coupled with the Zen Can 3D button they are wide enough for me to not have issues pinpointing footsteps in CoD:WZ, OW, Apex, and BF5. Seriously great cans for just about anything.