Recommendations for headhpones that can be used for gaming 290 USD

Hi, im looking to buy my first studio quality headphones to use while gaming and occasional music listening. I have been researching for some headphones and these are what i have come up with as alternatives:

Beyerdynamic dt 770/880/990
Sennheiser HD6XX
Sennheiser HD560s
Philips X2HR

Any recommendations to which one to go for? I value positional audio if it makes any difference.

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welcome to HFG selim!

the DT880 600 ohm is the bees knees for gaming headphones, but also popular are the HE-4xx. however, you need a powerful amp to drive 600 ohms or a planar magnetic. good news is there are many amps for $100 USD that will do the job wonderfully.

do you have a DAC or amp already? a DAC will be good, but not as important as the amp in the very beginning.

And does someone know how TYGR 300R is compared to the dt series of beyerdynamics?

the 300r is basically a 990 driver in an 880ish cup. soundstage isn’t as big as a 990 but is more v shaped than an 880.

I dont. How is the dt880 250 ohm compared to dt880 600ohm?

Would dt880 be a safer choice since I have read that some people get fatigue due to the treble on the dt990?

probably safer but i would take a 990 over an 880 every single time if it was for gaming. not even a close fight, imo.

Looks like beyerdynamics are favored over the others. I’ve read that there are dac built in on some amplifiers. What would be a good and cheap amp to power dt990 250 ohm? Im not much into tuning so something basic with a volume wheel would do the job.

Also just curious why sennheisers aren’t recommended. Does beyerdynamics have better soundstage for FPS games?

the only sennheiser that i have ever personally liked for gaming is the hd800 but after having them for years they still don’t hold up to other headphones i’ve moved on to. 660s aren’t horrible but the soundstage still isn’t all that big and the depth accuracy on every single set of sennheisers is off. 800s seem big but its a trick and same goes for every other sennheiser, even though the rest don’t have even half of the soundstage of the hd800s. 10-15 feet in game feels normal but then the next 15 feet gets dragged out really hard to what seems like forever and its a guessing game on how far away someone is after a certain point, depending on the game. a lot of them are way too warm and muddy for them to be truly accurate for gaming if you ask me.

on the 990s, the 250ohm is the worst. 600 ohm is best and scales really well as you go up in source gear. they always get called super bright but the 250s are the worst for brightness and even powering them fully doesn’t fix it like it does with the 600ohms. when the 600 ohm beyers are powered right the lows and mids fill in a lot and they aren’t nearly as bright and a cheap pad swap can fix a little of that brightness if you don’t have a strong amp. beyers are usually loved mostly for their imaging first, which is near perfect, but second is their really accurate soundstaging. it may not be the biggest, but it doesn’t have any gimmicks like the hd800s. 10 feet is 10 feet and 40 feet is 40 feet on beyers and direction is always on point.

What about Steel Series gaming headsets?

over priced trash.

Good for a headset, better options at the price points less you can get them for like… what maybe $100. The only one of those worth while was the arctis pro with that game dac but they want what… $250 for it? I can go grab a beyer at $100, modmic around 40-70 or a yeti at like $60 off the market, and find a soundblaster g6 at around $100(theres cheaper options depending on how much power you need) and have a setup that exceeds the steel series beyond a ridiculous degree in terms of fps capability