Recommendations for IEMS around 150$ range?

I am currently keeping an eye out for the Tinhifi P1 and Shuoer Tape which are around 150$. I am also somewhat interested in Sony’s MDR 1AM2. If you have experienced both Tinhifi P1 and Shuoer Tape, please tell me your thoughts.

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Hey there! Welcome. So many good iems at this price. Moondrop Starfields and ikko Oh10 is what I can reccomend and what i have experienced.

The starfields are a great all rounder. Neutral, good instrument separation, and wide soundstage. Nothing stands out too much, so no crazy bass or bright treble. Smooth but dynamic. Really nice. Highly recc around here

The ikko Oh10 are a more v shaped with great bass. Its done well. Good slam and thump without loosing bass details. Treble is just right. Not too bright. It also has great soundstage. Oh10 is a fun musical sounding iem.

I would say it comes down to genre preference on these. But i was happy to own both.

Good luck! Have fun :slight_smile:

Welcome to HFGF :smiley:
Just one thing to note about the P1 is that it really needs an amp to sound it’s best.
What types of music do you listen to and what sort of sound signature do you prefer ie warm or detailed etc?

I would like to think that I listen to many different genres but to say the main one would probably be electronic? So I’d say that I would prefer a warm sound signature.

Thieaudio L3 is a big “star” at the moment as well :slight_smile:

I’ve also taken OH10 into consideration. As for Moondrop starfields, I’ve kinda neglected them and have been leaning more towards KXXS.

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If you can stretch to 190 USD the Isn H40 is warm and wide. Very efficient so easy to drive.

I would take these into consideration, do you have any ideas on how Thieaudio L3 may compare to Tinhifi p1 or Moondrop KXXS?

Then that would rule out the P1, I have it and love it but one thing it’s not is warm lol, fast and detailed though.

Would you consider the P1 to be flat? because I would also consider getting a flat IEM since it would be simple to use equalizers

Here’s the graph, as you can see the bass rolls off but it’s bass is fast and impactful with a quick decay just not subby, the mids are detailed as is the treble which for some is a bit too much. I never eq my sets so not too sure how they react but i’m sure other members can help with that?..It’s just no a set i’d want to tame it’s a lively one and that’s why I love it so.

Dang man, I’m really hurt by the fact that I can only choose one of my current top two option, I can’t decide between moondrop KXXS and Tinhifi P1…

For me the P1 was too intense. Felt like all the info was showed into my head :smiley: Sometimes it was fun, but personally like a more relaxed, warmer sound. L3 is def more neutral, wider IEM. Also P1 needed some serious power to get it going :stuck_out_tongue: I used to walk around with a Little Bear portable tube amp :smiley:

Preamp: -7 DB
80 HZ, Q:0.64, DB:+2,
150 HZ, Q: 1.1, DB:+4,5

That is my eq settings for the Tin P1, I like it quite a lot with that, but without EQ its not good. But you should wait because the Tin P2 should be out soon. And you should remove the KXXS and replace it with the Starfield instead as they are very similar but the starfield is almost half the price of the KXXS.

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