Recommendations for in-ear headphones under 60€

Hello everybody,
I would like to buy in-ear headphones under 60€ which I will mainly use to listen to music with my smartphone (mostly Rock, funk and blues)
What do you recommend?
Jabra Elite 3, Sony Wfc500, JBL Wave 200 or T115, Anker Soundcore Life A1 or P2, Soundpeats Air3 deluxe, Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Pro, Motorola Vervebuds 100… What do you think?
Wired or wireless makes no difference to me.

I already tried the Kz Pro but they stopped working after a few months of little use (for the price, the sound was good)

Thank you all

Welcome to HFGF! Now I’m not sure exactly on pricing when it comes to Euros but if I’m sticking with a safe bet under, say $50 USD then I’d recommend The Kiwi Ears Cadenza (safe tuning, good for most music) -$35, the HBBxQKZ for only $20 USD (Bass heavy and warm with good vocal clarity plus laid back treble for long listening) and maybe the CCA CRA (Less bass and a little more forward in the 5k region so vocals and guitars have an extra bit of bite to them). I’m not the best when it comes to budget picks around these parts but these 3 seem to be a very safe bet for almost anyone listening to the type of music you listen to. I would wait for more to chime in however before you make your decision.

Good luck!


Well the 60 euro range is kind of a warzone right now so you’ll have a lot of options and opinions pooping off.

One of the more notable ones is the 7hz Zero. It is wired but if you want to youcan easly use a KZ09 or TRN BT20s and make them wireless

Other notable great iem under 50 (i think they are all under 20$)

  • KBEAR Rosefinch
  • Moondrop Chu
  • QKZ x HBB (there also another HBB colab which i cant remember)

I still enjoy the zero the best out of all them but it is a really competitive area


Guys, this is a new member. We don’t want to scare him away by pooping off any opinions. We’re better than that…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay, so now that I got the poop jokes out of the way dom gave you some good options. The Tin T3+ goes for less that €60 depending on where you purchase from and I find them to be a great pair of affordable IEMs that has a tuning/punchy, articulate low end that I think would suit your chosen genres well (I listen to a lot of the same music with mine). Apparently the new and slightly cheaper Tin C3s perform similarly, but I haven’t heard those for myself.


Have you seen the people around this forum?, pooping off is exactly what happens on every little thing ( I blame lack of sleep :smiley: )


I know, that’s why I tried to get ahead of the problem. Though, I blame their diets. There’s only so many times you can microwave a hot pocket in order to skip a real meal to increase listening time before it starts to have an effect. :joy:


That’s how I started…with a $10 IEM and have spent several thousand dollars since then. But now to the question: Kiwi Ears Cadenza would be a good choice in my opinion. If you want to buy something that will be your first and last IEM - I highly recommend Letshuoer S12, it will save you from future thousands of dollar purchases :slightly_smiling_face:.


Candenza 2nd that vote slightly less spicy than the C3 , C3 has better stock cable and shape.

I would be happy with that as one of my first IEM mabye too good but the tuning is safe. Definitely not the Rosefinch or Storm hot mess of tuning.


7Hz Salnotes Zero
Kiwi Ears Cadenza