Recommendations for powered speakers for home theater setup

As the title suggests I’m looking to buy a set of powered speakers for a home theater set up but I got so many options I don’t know where to start. I would like a set with a remote control for volume. Keep in mind that I live in Europe. I’ve been looking into Edifier stuff but I don’t know what to get :frowning:

Edit: I currently have a set of Teacs lsh265 on my desk. I was thinking of upgrading those to a pair of Jamo c93s and move the teacs to the TV. Yes? No?

Edit 2: I thought that I mention my budget but obviously I didn’t… I’m looking to buy something for up to €300 or there abouts. 5.1 is not gonna work for me. don’t have the space for it. It’s either going to be 2.1 or 2.0

Home theater in many cases is 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer (as 5.1) or more, surround system.
With powered speakers you kinda need a AV-Preamp (has remote) and then 5 powered speakers and maybe a subwoofer.
Manual power off/on or maybe with a automatic “sleep” and so on with speakers?
Or like those cheap Plug & Play 5.1 wireless ready systems?

Could you be a bit more in detail what are you looking, what would you like for and what kinda budget?
You could go from few 100€ all the way to hundreds of thousands and more.

I mention more details in my second edit… Stuff I should have mentioned from the beginning lol

Well this is good start.

  • ~300e is a good starting point and remote for them.
  • Maybe a subout for later use.

How big is you room and how much room/space you got for the speakers?
Teacs lsh265 are quite in the “normal” size range.
What is your source device / connections that is needed and does it have subout?

Edifiers mentioned in the first post.
S1000DB is the range but no subout.
Also there is the S350DB with small 8" little sub. Desktop use mainly.
Of course there are plenty of more options from other brands.

I have planned to buy the S3000Pro’s myself if i was/have been thinking to sell my current preamp + current JBL’s.

The room is ~6m x 8-9m. I can accommodate 2.0 and 2.1 set ups but nothing bigger than that.

If I end up going with passive speakers I will be using SMSL SA-36A as a dac and SMSL SA-50 to power them(so no subout). I will have the amp at 50-75% and control the volume with the TV control. I will later probably upgrade that set up to a topping mx3 or something.

About the subout, I have to be honest this is what makes the decision so difficult for me. Does a sub make that big off a difference in a movie viewing experience? I don’t really care for subs when listening to music but I’m not sure whether a 2.0 setup will give me a good enough experience in this kind of setting.

Well to me sub is a must have but of course it depends.
If you have local hifistores near you, usually they can give one for testing at home.
That could help you, do like/need one or do not. The location/adjustments of the sub play a big role how to set it so it sounds good and works with front end.
Cheap subs in many cases ain’t good… otherwise they are just bad “bass enhancers”.

I would have more trouble making my mind of all the speakers.
Though powered speakers deliver bass nicely so sub might not be needed.
I would get speakers first and then test with sub.

Any other brands than Edifier you have looked, good choice anyways and one thing they pretty to look at. Many cases powered speakers are more “tool” like and not so nice looking if that’s something that has value.