Recommendations for Preamp with bluetooth and RCA in under 150$ in Canada?

I got a lot of great advice about hooking up my powered monitors (hs80m’s) with cables for super cheap from you guys but I managed to scrape some pennies together to invest in something with a little more functionality now.

I am looking for something that will allow me to connect my TV (RCA out only) and phone (preferably BT but aux if I have to for now) to my pair of Yamaha HS80m’s.

I am willing to buy used if that is the better route and hoping to keep the cost of the unit under 150 canadian (I am in vancouver if that helps)

Blu Dento but you would have to use your phone for volume when listening to music . It has all but the volume control. Tv should work fine on it. Should be in your price range and available in canada.

Thanks thats awesome, I was actually looking at the Blu Dento but the photos I saw did not specify that the RCA connectors were out and the Coax was in but assuming this is the case it looks perfect

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I use the bluetooth on mine and feed my amplifier via the rca’a. I have used the spdf to feed another dac. The dac is a burr brown chip and sounds real good. Enjoy and the price is right. The bluetooth works real well too.

Oh perfect so I can run RCA to my speakers then Coax from my TV to this thing? How would I switch between inputs?

Hold on, not sure what you are trying to do.
This is a receiver. It takes signal in from a blue tooth and sends it out to your sources. So you can Bt to your tv or BT to your speakers via your phone. Send Optical or SPDF to TV and RCA to speakers.
Or BT to Tv and connect speakers to output of tv to watch TV with speakers. You can’t feed INTO the device, you have to send signal out of it. Make sense?

Ooooooookay that makes more sense. I am looking for something with another input as well as bluetooth, either RCA in or Coax in for a TV. My bad

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Do you just want to feed the speakers both from the TV or the phone?

EDIT: Ok I’m mixed up too now. If I have a chance tomorrow I’ll try to feed powered speakers thru a TV via the BluDento to see if i can make this work.

My perfect world would be to have something that I can plug my TV in to via RCA or coax that will allow me to use my speakers for the TV audio, that box would also have a second input of either bluetooth or aux that I could switch to that would allow me to play audio over the speakers from my phone

Thanks for all your help by the way

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