Recommendations for USB-C Powered Portable w/ 4.4 Balanced Output

Looking for recommendations for a portable balanced 4.4mm USB-C DAC/AMP for the new HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite that I can use on my laptops and Android/iPhone. I’d prefer one of the smaller units but I’m not opposed to a larger unit if it’s worth it for the power and the quality. Budget is ~<$120 but I’m willing to stretch a bit if’s really worth it.

If you don’t need Bluetooth, the FiiO Q11 is a beast in terms of output and it’s well below your budget. If you’re willing to stretch a little, the FiiO BTR7 is also a Beast with less output power, but a lot of other cool features like Bluetooth and PEQ with the app. The Qudilex 5K is also a fantastic option, I’ve just never owned it so I can’t speak on using it personally. I’ve heard nothing but great things however! There’s probably a lot more out there, but those 3 come to mind immediately.

Happy listening! :muscle:

If DAPs are in scope for your search, I’d suggest the M1S on the used market (hopefully ~$150). It serves me well as an all-in-one portable music player :slight_smile:

Tanchjim space. Blows everything else out of the water

I actually am pretty disappointed with space myself. I still prefer my old Fiio KA3 which is cheaper, better built, and even has an app. I also think it har higher output then space.

Oh, did you not like how it sounds? I think a good dongle philosophy is to have

  1. One hyper clean reference (Tanchjim space/Moondrop Dawn)
  2. One “musical” (Questyle m12i, HibyFC6)

Or you can get the mojo 2 and instant endgame. But its not a dongle