Recommendations on sub $200 IEMs?

Looking for some sub-$200 IEMs to stop my craving for new audio gear. I want to buy something close to the 150 mark, but without them taking weeks to arive (Tin P1’s :frowning: ) I am interested in something like the moondrops or BGVP DM6 as i would quite like a MMCX connector on my monitors, but it is far from a neccesity, i am also looking for good cables so recommendations are also welcome.

The moondrop kxxs are a great choice. Nice wire and great sound. But no mmcx though (it’s 2pin detachable)

The DM6 sounds wonky to my ears and I really wouldn’t recommend it if you haven’t heard it first.

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I decided to go for the Ikko OH1 due to them looking fucking awesome and being decently reviewed, the lack of mmxc is fine though because a 2pin balanced cable was super cheap, i can always send them back if i dont like them though :wink:


I got the oh10, and the oh1 is a great choice, you won’t be disappointed

And they have one day delivery, whats not to like. First time using something balanced too so i am quite excited…

If you compared the OH10 to the KXXS, what do you think would be best? I want something warmer than my TinHiFi P1 and I was looking at these two. Just asking since you seem to own both.

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I own the oh10 but have heard the moondrop a couple of times. Both are going to be warmer and less aggressive than the P1. The OH10 is wider than the kxxs and is a stronger v shaped sound, while the kxxs is more balanced sounding. The build on both is good, but I like the finish on the oh10 a little better. Although I actually find the kxxs more comfortable because of the oh10s weight. It hurts my ear canals after 2-3 hours and I’ve tried like every tip. The kxxs comes with a better stock cable imo, but the oh10’s isn’t bad. But I still like how they sound and look, so I keep them. I think they have similar detail from memory, so it’s down to fit and finish and sound signature.

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take a gander at the Final Audio E4000’s.

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The final audio E4000’s and E3000 are really good budget iems. I wasn’t really blown away by the E5000’s though, but if you have some extra money to burn, the E3000/4000 are a worthwhile purchase

Haven’t tried the others, but I have heard the Campfire Comet and thought they were amazing for the price.

Stretch a bit and get the LZ A6, one of my endgames now. Absolutely amazing