Recommended sub $2000 speakers with AMT tweeters

Looking for recommendations for speakers with ribbon EMT tweeters.

Fell in love and have a set of Adam Audio F7 Studio Monitors.

Looking for similar sound for a larger room 20 X 30 powered off 2 x 125 w Rotel Amp. I have 2 x 10" Polk subs for 80hz and below so base extension not that crucial.

What have you used what have you loved budget $2000 used market options?

EMT=Emergency Medical Technician :laughing:

I know Martin Logan’s are well regarded for their ribbon tweeters and having bought my first pair of Kanto Tuk speakers with an AMT tweeter (similar to EMT) I can attest to how nice ribbon tweeters sound. The highs are open and airy while also being crisp and clear, they just sound better than dome tweeters. I’m amazed the whole industry hasn’t switched to ribbon tweeters and I own many speakers with dome tweeters. The only thing is, my Kanto’s are powered and you’re looking for passive speakers

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I just might buy another set of Adam Audio A7V and put the F7 in the Media Room , I have not heard the Kanto but they look good as well.
Thanks :+1:

I got a chance to hear the Goldenear BRX bookshelves and the Triton One.R recently. The Triton One.R were really really good and way better than I expected. If you were limited on space and could only have 2 tower speakers and that’s it, those things were just insanely good. But the little BRX bookshelves were so absurdly good for their size I was just blown away. Not a single AMT tweeter I’ve ever heard before the one in the Triton One.R and BRX sounded right, timbre was always just thin and a little edgy but these ones (which I guess they’re calling the High-Gauss Neodymium High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) Reference Tweeter) and I guess it’s a new gen design and its sooo much better than their older ones) are so much more natural than all the others I’ve personally heard/owned like the A7/5x, Emotivas, Monoprice, Daytons, Swans, and even Martin Logan. If they ever drop in price to something like $1000, I’d buy them in a heartbeat, but at $1600, it’s a bit much for a bookshelf. Still totally worth it though.


edit: i love my martin logan’s. havent heard the others. my elac’s i do have sound great, so i have no doubt that model will. the guy who founded golden ear, founded def tech, and another hifi brand before that(can’t remember off hand, infinity maybe?). have no doubt they sound good. wharfedales i have no experience with, but they have been around a while.

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Wicked that’s exactly the feedback I am looking for much appreciated!

emotiva, dayton’s, and monoprice are all going to be worse performers, but cheaper. swan makes some quality things. they are hivi’s consumer finished speaker brand, and hivi makes fine drivers. have some diy with them.


those are tuned to 29hz with passive radiators for 100$ more each then the stand mounts. you wouldnt need your subs.

edit: polk 10", doubt they play much lower then 29hz?

Yeah, so idk what the deal is with the new high gauss Goldenear tweeter but it’s just like a very noticeable step up over the one in the Seven in every way. Idk what they changed but it was just everything that was missing from every other ribbon/AMT tweeter I’ve ever heard. That being said, the Seven are still incredible for the price and I’ve seen them as low as $1400 a pair on sale before and for that price they’re an absolute steal, nit picking of the tweeter and all.

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got ya. i would guess at some point the higher end floor standers use it?

edit: yeah, i see that now. they have a ref. tower to. just a bit pricier lol

Yeah, the Triton One.R has it and I think is the cheapest towers that have it at the moment and the BRX has it. The open box display pair of the Triton One.R at Seattle Hifi is really tempting. Pushing $10k is quite a bit outside of my budget range though lol

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I forgot that the diy Swans kit is actually back up on amazon for the first time in like 3 years. Ridiculous value at $300.

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Might be a silly question but im going to ask.
If you have AA F7’s why there is picture of AA a7x ?
They different monitors but same tweeter.

IF you want similar sound or even better same sound but in Bigger or Larger sound for larger room, you could always beef up the size for larger AA monitors. Bigger speaker for bigger room. :wink:
Budget of course crashes big time but that is the way.