Record Player Amp/receiver?

Hello there I am looking for recommendations for an Amp/Receiver for a turntable/record player I am getting a pioneer brand from my uncle i don’t know the model.
I am familiar with headphone amps and dacs but not anything related to book shelf speakers or record players so I don’t know if i need just an amp or a receiver also

I plan on buying these speakers

I would like to keep my budget at 200$ or less Thanks for your help

I would ask you uncle if the turntable has a preamp built in or not. If it does that will allow you to use all your budget on the amp. otherwise you will have to split the costs between the two. My 78’ pioneer turntable does not have a built in preamp.

Edit: just realizer those are powered speakers. You don’t even need an amp, just potentially the preamp. Most of the built in preamps are not the best tbh. You could go with either one of these. I use the Mani myself and have no complaints. Only reason to get an amp is if you want to listen to your records on headphones

iFi Audio Zen Phono Preamp for Turntables / Record Players


Thanks for the reply and info I actually use a magnius and modius currently and i had a ifi zen dac with my last setup

Then you are pretty much good to go. Just snag a phono preamp and call it a day.