Red and Blue Tips -Why hasn't Dekoni or others done this by default?

Got my Aliexpress shipment of tips the other day to this.
Just wondering why no one has does this as a regular set before?
Its not like you can see the tips when using the IEM

Still listening for a sound difference but so far they works great on all of my IEMs (thieaudio legacy 3, Starfield Moondrop,Blon 03, Blon 05 and Tin T2)

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Not a big fan of foamies myself but I did try some on my Spring 1’s and Andro’s a while back, and the same as yours they did look dope :+1:

Same, more of a Silicone fan myself (and actually bought 1Red and 1 blue set of Silicone too, they just haven’t gotten here yet)
Im just wondering why not give the option for red and blue tips, makes it so much easier for set like ours to see in an instant what is left and whats right

The Final Audio Type E tips have different colored stems.

Good to know, too bad they are 15$ a pop…

I dont get it.
Why even have different colored tips? Just for L R ?

They are my favorite tips. Very important to have good tips for your iems.

Ya, makes more sense than having it on the cable, and way more visible

Fair point, though ive been pretty happy with the stock tips for the most part, maybe ill give them a shot

Final Audio Type E
Sony Hybrids (EP-EX11)
JVC Spiral dots/spiral dots++
Azla sedan earfit
Spinfits CP145
acoustune AET07/08

These are my favorites. (ordered by preference)
Be aware that the type E tips is one size smaller (so if you are using L normally, you should go with LL).
While Azla tips are one size bigger (so if you are using L normally, you should go with ML).

You can get the type E tips for quite a good deal if you get the FInal Audio E1000. (all sizes are included with the iem.)

Same goes for the E500 :+1:

True, but my unit has a massive channel imbalance so I cant personally rec it.

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So it’s a fashion thing? Blue and red socks also and maybe same with car tires?
I know few people that does it but it’s very limited on “what” they use the mixing.

Im more simple. All black, always on fashion and looks great.

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its for useability not looks (how would looks count if they are in your ear?)
when you have earbuds like thieaudio legacy 3 that are hard to which side is which, different color ear tips makes it so you can tell in an instant which is which

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Sony EP-EX10A…One of my new fav’s have different coloured stems too although to differentiate size and not L & R


I heard folks rave about spinfits, but good to know there are some decent alternatives

I loved spinfits (CP145) before. Then I got the EP-EX11 and loved that one instead.

Although I do like the Type E´s a bit more because they have a bit longer stem so it fits a bit deeper. They are pretty much identical sound wise. But the EP-EX11 are usually quite a bit cheaper than the Type E´s, only problem is that some of my iems dont work with it, while the Type E´s work with pretty much everything.

Type E’s have dropped out of my top 3 @ 1 Sony EP-EX10A @ 2 Spiral Dots @ 3 Spin 145’s…depending on the IEM

the EP-EX10/11 should be identical to the type E´s in sound though. What made you pick the sony over the type E´s?

Not for me the Sony’s are straighter sided where as the E’s are more rounded so I guess personal fit? are the E’s, 10A’s and my most favourite, the tips that came with the Z1R’s on the right (all tips are size L)