Refurbishing AKG K240 Sextett with parts from Superlux HD681B

Old headphones AKG K240 called “Sextett” (around 1975~1979) can be quite easly refurbished with new parts from very inexpensive “clone” headphones Superlux HD681B. Whole headband I was able to replace from Superlux to AKG headphones (it was expected as design is almost identical). Also black outside back cover (ring) was suitable to the original headphones (it was for me unexpected). On one of picture below has been marked parts form Superlux. Pros: inexpensive way to refurbish old AKG K240. Cons: outside view is not original anymore. Ear pads and cable also are brand new replacement but not form Superlux. Ear pads from Superlux HD681B should be suitable for AKG (but thicker ones are better for me).