Refurbishing Sennheiser HD265 Linear

Closed back headphones Sennheiser HD265 Linear manufactured around 2005. Condition:

  1. ear foams, ear pads and headband foam are required replacement;
  2. cable in working condition but with many marks of usage;
  3. plastic parts mostly with minor marks of usage but middle plates on cups are scratched (do not know why, in this area headphones do not have contact during putting down);
  4. internal foams behind drivers are like a new (I was expecting foams disappeared and changed to dust)

Foams and pads have been replaced with not original ones. Headband foam is shorter than original was - clearance on left-right direction is larger but foam is keeping position in normal usage. Cable has been replaced new DIY one based on not original parts and nice DIY wooden splitter. Connectors on headphone site are low price and good quality but plastic housing is a little bit too large. Due to that it sticks in driver socket and unplugging is very difficult. Plastic middle plates on cups have been painted with silver color. Cutoff line of silver painting in grooves around was not straight and has been improved with black marker pen line around. In the middle there is small cover - it is kind of bass reflex outlet, under this cover is short plastic tube directly behind center of driver.

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Can anyone tell me where to purchase the replacement ear foams, ear pads and headband foam for these HD265s? I have searched online but can’t find them.

Below link for the set of ear pads foams and headband foam:

I was searching using more famous model number with the same construction HD545.