Regular earbuds (not iems) for competitive gaming

I’m looking for earbuds for competitive gaming but not the ones that go over your ear. I’m currently using the Bose soundsports and they sound decent I’m just wondering if there’s anything higher quality. My budget is up to $250 Thanks

I used the soundcore liberty air 2 for a while when I wasn’t at home having access to my setup though these are bluetooth ear buds with a bit of a V shape. Were decent enough for me. Though not sure why one would want to use earbuds for competitive gaming in the $250 range. Probably the only ear bud I can personally think of recommending others could probably help more on that.

I’m just tired of headphones squeezing my melon together but still want nice sound.

ah okay, I would say maybe an open back with very light clamp force then? Hell some of them, like shp9500 comes to mind, practically have had no clamp force to the point of falling off my head at times.

I am sure there are some options for earbuds, though not quite sure as to others. Riceguru may be able to chime in here but he also has his thread he made about a lot of ear buds and their respective traits over here. Rice Guru’s Earbud Adventure: Electric boogaloo

I have no earbud reccomendations for specifically gaming could be my earshape but presentation on them compared to iemswhich play around In your head and headphones outside of your head kinda suck. Earbuds with a few exceptions that are half in your ear like memt mt5 and the earpods twhch have ok presentation. Buds seem to limit presentation to your left ear right ear and center and a little in between.