Repair Recommendations for Klipsch Heritage Headphone Amp

I’m having issues with the RCA line input of my Klipsch headphone amp–there is little to no sound. The signal is so faint that the amp doesn’t register anything on the Sample Rate/DSD
Indicator. I know for a fact that the raspberry pi/audio hat signal I’m feeding it is good–I’ve attached it to another amp that plays the tunes just fine. Can someone recommend a service that could take a look at it for me? I love this thing and would hate to come to grips with it being end of life.

Sorry to hear about your issues. You may want to switch RCA cables as well if you haven’t. I also recommend contacting Klipsch to see if they will repair it and if that’s way to expensive any local electronics repair service should be able to handle it.

What @Etroze86 said, and also just wondered if the other inputs work besides the RCA? Klipsch customer support should be good (I’ve heard) and they can point you in the right direction to get it fixed (or perhaps send you a firmware update to try, if available).

Thank you both for the feedback. I failed to mention in my original post that I had already reached out to Klipsch for assistance before posting. They recommended a service center in Dallas who, unfortunately, does not want to touch it. As far as other inputs, I’ve only tried the RCA line in so far–the Raspberry Pi HAT is an Allo DAC with RCA outputs. I will try to test with other sources to see what result I get. I’ve included detailed pics of the board. Any assistance with identifying it would be very helpful.

Thanks for posting the pics. I am in no way, shape, or form an expert but looking at the innards you took of the amp it seems like someone did a pretty messy job with some of that solder work. I have recently gotten into it for my own hobbyist agenda but I just wanted to point that out as a someone that appreciates quality that goes into building these and other fine audio equipment. Potentially, the issue you might be experiencing could be caused by this (i.e. shoddy solder contact).

Although I cannot identify the board I do want to leave you with a suggested resource for a MOD that knows his stuff who might be able to help, in addition to someone that might be able to help on this forum. He is over on the AudioScienceReview forum and goes by the name “trl”. Here is a teardown post he did of my current audio interface I am using, as an example. In my opinion, he seems like someone that can for sure help you identify the board in the amp and possibly even what might be causing the issue (and maybe even a reputable repair shop).

Hope this helps a bit more and good luck! :+1:

Thanks a lot for the recommendation Rob!! I will follow up with TRL to see if I can get some assistance from him. I really do love this unit–it’s excellent. Hopefully TRL can at least point me in the right direction.

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Glad to help put you in touch with him and hope he can assist further! :+1: