Replacement for 6XX

Hi guys.

I need some help choosing headphones and maybe they can help me. At the moment I have a Sennheiser HD6XX with a fiio k3 amp / dac. What I notice is that for voices and guitars they are very good, especially for acoustic music and some rock are good headphones. I hear a little bit of everything but lately I’ve been listening to more electronic music, punk rock metal, hiphop etc and feeling that these headphones don’t shine as much as I would like.

Thus, I am looking for headphones that are more suitable for these musical genres and the objective will be to replace the 6XX, I would like them to be equally comfortable.

I already had the opportunity to hear the 4XX and I really liked them but as I live in Europe and there is no amazon here it is difficult to find them.

From the research I did, my main options are Beyerdynamic DT880 / 990 250 ohms premium versions or AKG k712.

What is your opinion?
Thank you for your help

you should give the HarmonicDyne Helios a try. They sound fantasic and i think its up your alley. 180$I think they beat everything under 200$ and more. very detailed slight W signature:

if you live so foro open backs I would typically recc the fidelio x2 hr, if you went with the 990 be prepared for some treble. the 880 could be bass lite. since you live in Europe I may be inclined to go with the 712 out of the 3


would an audioquest nighthawk be an option? might have to buy used but they have nice mids similar ish to the 6xx but have a bass emphasis and treble isn’t as dark as the 6xx

I have the K-712’s, and I don’t think they are suited for electronic music (especially not for the bass aspects of it).