Replacement pads for AKG K712 pro's?

I recently got the AKG 712 pro’s and have been having an issue with my one ear touching the driver so I wanted to know if there are deeper pads that are still comfortable for long usage as I’m pretty much wearing them all day. I have no issue with the current sound and primarily use them for gaming with music on the side

After wearing out the stock pads I switched to Brainwavz Gel XL pads, super comfy and didn’t seem to affect the sound.

Are they deeper than the stock pads?

Very slightly yes, like you my ears brushed the rear using the stock pads, Brainwavz XL’s nothing touches.

You can also try Yaxi pads. I’ve been mulling to get ones to try in my set, people are full of high praises for them. They are more expensive though, but Yaxi usually make pads with tuning in mind, to minimize the change in sound.

You might need adapters if you get new pads, either you will need to take it off from the original pads or get the adapters in case you want to keep the original pads, modhouse makes an adapter for the pads: AKG KXXX Adapter — Mod House Audio

Don’t actually need an adapter, fits over the cups no problem. Just keep the foam over the driver.

:man_facepalming:t5: doh!! Of course. Never mind, I will just sit back here and be quite.

I tried out some brainwavz micro Suede XL with the adapters from Mod house, very easy to install, makes it easy to swap pads, I got other pads to try too from brainwavz, the adapter works great. Just FYI.

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just gonna drop a mark in here for the brainwavz earpads.
First the marketing is all fluff the thickness of the earpads is 25mm not 30mm as advertised on the website.
Sheepskin get real hot and the gel ones are acceptable but the default ones on the k702 are superior and the only thing i notice was losing a chunk of the sound stage.
Ah there the quality control as well, one cup 2mm thicker than the other on the gell.
Would avoid brainwavz at all cost, probably the more expensive yaxi and dekoni will provide better quality overall.

Ive said this in the offical AKG k712 thread.

My recommendation with k712 pros are the Yaxi comfort pads + removal of driver dampening foams :two_hearts:

You can thank you later.