Replacement Stack for my M1060 and HarmonicDyne Zeus

My current stack setup is just the Topping L30 and E30 that I got when my main pair of headphones was my DT-770. I was just curious if anyone had any good suggestions for a stack where both cost at most 500 together. My experience is limited and I’m hoping for some cool suggestions! Thank you aaa <3

Generally do you have any specific goals for the upgrade? Like any sonic focuses you want to meet or sound you are after? What do you like and/or dislike about the topping?

I second @M0N because the answers to those questions will definitely help us point you in the right direction for you. That said, I own the Zeus and my favorite stack to use it on is the JDS Labs El Stack 2+ (El Amp 2+ & El DAC 2+). It helps keep the Zeus, which can get a bit too warm for me at times, stay a bit cleaner and tighter which is exactly what I was looking for in a rig for them. I haven’t owned the M1060s so I’ll have to leave it at that and wait for more info from you.