Replacement volume pot for SMSL SP200

Hi, does anyone know the specific part number for the Alps volume pot that fits this amp?

Should have a marking or stamp similar to “1k4” or “103” somewhere.

@Freyr Did yours go out or are you looking for a better replacement part? I concur that the pot on the SP200 is not the best. But so far it’s working fine for me and I am constantly adjusting gain during a session. If you find a high-quality replacement please share as that might be a mod worth doing. Thanks!

@MazeFrame Yes, I’ve read that the original one is a B20k, and one person was recommending to go for a Alps Green A20k since that would also “fix” how loud it is right away, give you more play for setting the amp at low volume.
My problem is now to figure out which Alps A20k version fits in the amp.

@Raptor168 My volume pot is faulty, it has channel imbalance problems all over the volume range.

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To speed the search up a lot: Remove all cables from the unit, then take out the screws in the front and slide the PCB and front-panel out. The potentiometer should have a marking similar to this:

If you could either post a picture of that or the number(s) as text, that would help a lot.

Since the potentiometer sits on some sort of adapter, you likely have to DIY such an adapter to fit whatever electrically-identical pot.

Thank you for the follow up. I have searched around a little for the potentiometer info and got more confused than anything! Does the AK20 numbering indicate a 20K ohm pot? Because on the Alps site the only pots I see that even come close is the RK271 and those look to be 100K ohm. So I dunno!

Best of luck in your search. I will be interested to see how it all works out. BTW, my SP200 is working perfectly, so luckily for me I am not in the situation that you are currently in with the channel imbalance. I will most likely leave well enough alone, at least for now. If my Jot EVER gets here (damn you, Schiit!) I might pursue this further.

@MazeFrame Yes, that’s the blog where I found the suggestion for the Alps A20k pot, he talks about it being a direct replacement in the comments.

@Raptor168 Yes that’s what I’ve read, 20k ohm, I can’t find that pot on the Alps website.
I don’t think there’s any need to replace the pot if you don’t have channel imbalance, it would then just be for the fun of modding.

They talk about the volume pot a fair bit in this thread also, SMSL SP200: Do We Get Golden Samples For Review? | Page 6 | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum.

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