Replacing Logitech Z**3 2.1 System

Currently using a Z**3 2.1 system I got like 10+ years ago. While it’s been a loyal part of my setup, it’s showing it’s age. I want to go with some active bookshelf to replace it, i’m not worried about the sub, I mostly watch youtube and twitch on my PC.

I was looking at the Edifier R1280 as it’s locally available at BestBuy, but my problem is going to be the size depth wise in my current desk config. So what is as good but smaller for the same price range? About the only thing I’ve found is Mackie CR3-X or PreSonus Eris E3.5.

ETA: Guess I shoulda said this before, the Edifier/Mackie/Presonus all go for $99/pair.

What other options are there?

iLoud Micro Monitor and Vanatoo Transparent Zero are both pretty tiny, not sure if they fall within your budget or not.

thanks, i’ll take a look.

ETA: Nope, well out of range, lol.

Did anyone else have any recommendations?

have you considered a sound bar?

the way my monitors are set, no room for a soundbar. Both of those look interesting. I actually have some Dayton’s in my TV setup in the living room.

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you will get the daytons sooner, but i honestly kinda like the look of the monoprice ones more lol. and i am a big fan of dayton audio. have quite a few of their drivers around. including the woofer in those in a 3 way system as the midrange. but dayton tweeters are a little sharp for my tastes.

edit: seeing how you have dayton speakers already, i wouldnt worry to much. to each their own, thats why there are tons of differently tuned speakers =)

I don’t like the Dayton’s input selection, 3.5mm input and rca out to the other speaker? that’s an odd config. Those monoprice ones look kinda tasty tho …

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i agree. class a/b powered. nice for the price. if you get em, would love to hear your thoughts!

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Other than saving a few pennies, why do active speaker sets like this use RCA input, but speaker cable output to the 2nd speaker? Seems it would be better to do RCA for both.

Also, I just ordered them. We’ll find out in a few days I guess, assuming Monoprice doesn’t ship me the wrong part again like they did with my desk frame :slight_smile:

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Ayyy … the Monoprice speakers just showed up like 2 days early. thoughts incoming later today!

Probably thats the only reason in set’s like these. Cheaper the better.
Usually not so good active speakers only have a single amp. Inside the master unit.
It’s super cheap solution to take one amp and normal speaker cable to passive unit.

Klipsch has a 2.1 set up that is not very expensive and it is supposed to be good if you wanna look at it …