Replacing my headphon

Hello eveyone
Let met start with thanking this community what aprivilege.Im looking for some thing to replace my dt990 pro with fiio olymps 2 e10 for gaming from what i haer i should look for some thing with great imeging and soundstage but also i should think about amp and the dac . Im between two headphones the dt1990 and focal elex with sp200 amp still i didnt dicaided about the dac i just saw the koss espx95 electrostatic you just need good dac or do u need an amp with it . they say the electrostatic in baest for imeging and soundstage .

For gaming the DT1990 will be your best bet. Overall the Elex is better but if you focus on gaming. Yea the 1990

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Agreed. The DT1990 is going to be better for competitive gaming. But the Elex is probably slightly better for music, but not for gaming. So if you want something that is amazing for gaming and is still really good for music, DT1990.

Are you looking for something for competitive gaming or just the enjoyment/immersion factor?

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If you primarily game, I think the dt1990 would be my pick. It is the highest preforming for gaming of what you listed because of it’s brighter signature and soundstage and imaging that work very well in a game

The elex would be my pick for music first as it’s on a higher tier if performance for music imo, but with games it’s not as good as the 1990 because of its more music oriented soundstage and imaging along with other aspects that suit music more

The 95x is impressive and a great deal, but I don’t think it’s as proficient for gaming as the 1990 or as impressive with music as the elex, but it is a solid offering if you didn’t have the budget for the other headphones.

Regarding the amp and dac, I think a geschelli archel 2.5 pro and enog 2 pro stack outperform the thx stuff in the price range imo, and pair well with it

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For gaming definitely go with the DT 1990. But you really don’t need to spend that much on a DAC and AMP unless of course your really want to. As the geshelli labs stack might provide you with a better value proposition

As an owner of both 1990 and 95x, I lean 95x for gaming, but only on the competitive front due to lack of bass impact. Honestly I dont think you can go wrong with either, but the 1990 is more versatile overall(sound signature and not needing an energizer to function) and the 95x is superior with its strengths. Both are staples for me.

I think the DT1990 wins in comfort though, if that’s a concern at all for them.


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