♦️ Request for Surround Sound Decoders (DAC-Bypass Processors)

The topic you posted did not contain the same discussion we are having.
This topic was to find a surround decoder or a processor that would send surround sound, digitally forward. Not a receiver.
We mentioned those earlier. You could have something like good Trinnov AV-processor. This was not the point and purpose.
The goal was to find something that would just decode surround and send it forward.
Something small simple and maybe low cost. Look the OP video for more information.

Hello :slight_smile: we are young entrepeneurs and hifi addicts, we would like to know if we can make this product to market !!! can you complete this short form to help us please :slight_smile: thank you in advance :smiley: https://forms.gle/JE8ea4vi4n8ET3iGA
I was thinking about this product for years

Hi, I think this is an answer to all our whishes:

Hdmi 2.0 to 4x Spdif…looks good so from my blu-ray hdmi out into the vanity Pro into the ddrc88d and your dacs…

So that will set me back 2500 euros…

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Have you thought about doing a kickstarter? Surely there’s a company that would and could make one of these if you had start-up capital.

Does it work with surround and DRM tho?

Okay it has been a while but i’ve changed out all my gear for the AudioPraise unit and have the AES output board into the minidsp ddrc88D/BM on AES into the Okto Dac8Pro…just amazing what a difference this makes compaired to all the AVR’s i had and other setups i’m runnin 48Khz into the Okto when playing 4k discs just superb.
i’m still fine tuning the DDRC with Dirac but the across all things i’ve heard is great and the speakers are the same btw. stereo listing is also very nice i’m still working here as the Okto will accept S/Pdif on AES input but i’m working on that as well to get the full potential out of both ways of listing.

let me know if anyone has questions…