Returning the SBX G6

I’ve been using my x2hr on my old astro mixamp just fine and a noticeable improvement especially since I put the dekoni suedes on there. I picked up the g6 and have been using it a week and experienced something I’ve never had an issue with which is noticeable tinnitus. I’ve read into it and understand the issue of less distortion that the g6 provides may mean that I’m listening too loud without know it. However, I really don’t think that’s the case. I’ve got the volume on 20 with low gain on direct mode and even after 30 mins I’m getting the tinnitus.

So I do some a/b testing with the astro mixamp and notice that I can turn the volume up much louder and not have any issues. I used the Astros for 5 years and have never experienced this and after a month with the x2hr never had a problem. So anyhow I’m return the g6 today and looking at the fulla 4 but I have to ask myself if I’m just overly sensitive to high powered amps or something. Has anyone else experienced similar? And before you say turn it down that’s not the point, if I turned it down to 5 I wouldn’t be able to hear what’s going on in the game. Any advice is welcome I’m trying to find out what I can use as a replacement for the astro mixamp and I’m hoping the fulla might be the solution.

Do you hear the ringing during or after listening?
If after, for how long after? Do you get it using different headphones on the G6?

I would say I begin noticing it pretty soon into the gaming/music session. Then it lasts for a long time. I’ve already put the g6 in the mail to return. I wonder if it’s something that only has to do with the g6 specifically and if I’d be ok using something like the fulla 4. Also curious if there’s any truth to the frequencies that I can’t hear, but are still there and can cause fatigue and other issues. I used the g6 less than an hour last night and my ears are still ringing right now. The Astros never did this.

I looked up the G6 measurements and I saw nothing there that was funky at all, very clean actually for a Creative product… It would have been good to ask for a different unit, claiming yours was broken and see if you had the same issue. Or test the volume to make sure you didn’t overdo it using a decibelmeter or use different headphones or let someone else experience it… Of course these are typically the things you only come to think off after the fuck-this-shit-I-want-my-money-back phase xD

Hope you have more fun with th Fulla!

Thanks for looking into the specs on the unit I was having issues with. And yeah I think the g6 is a good device and I wonder if using an amplifier and getting into HiFi audio in the first place just isn’t for me and that I may have an underlying issue with tinnitus from the concerts I’ve gone too over the years that is exacerbated by high end audio, for some reason. Or maybe it’s the x2hrs and the g6 combined causing too much pressure on my eardrums from the low end frequencies.

I’m gonna try the fulla and see if I have the same issue. Thanks for the response I’ll make an update post in 6-8 weeks when the unit gets here lol.

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