Review: Arcam rPlay Network/Streaming DAC

I’m putting this here so that anyone who is searching for information on the Arcam rPlay can find it. I’ll keep this short. I have never owned something that I have despised so completely.

Build quality

Solid, pleasant. A nice weight. Easy enough to clean. I think aluminium shell with rubber on the bottom.


Good, clean. Until I started getting crackling at about the 8,000 Hz range. Super strange.


Consistent problems with both wireless and wired connections. Spend 4 weeks trying to troubleshoot with their team and got nowhere. I have never had something placed so near my wireless router fail so completely. The setup was a pain and failed numerous times.


Simply horrible. It crashes (iOS) and has a horrific user interface which hides your music away. The desktop version has artificial latency added to get more money out of you.

I just can’t recommend this product at all. It caused me so much pain.