Revisiting IEMs & being surprised how good they sound

Have you ever revisited an IEM after a long time of ignoring it only to realize how outstanding it is?

I’ve been on a journey collecting IEMs, and enjoying music through all the different lenses they bring. I always get sucked into the honeymoon phase of the newest and latest thing and sometimes lose sight of my own preferences for tuning and technicalities.

I decided to drop the Mangird Teas into my ears today and have been in bliss enjoying these IEMs. It could be the music I’m listening to is newer but I don’t remember them sounding this good.

What are some of your favorite IEMs that will always have a special place in your heart and stand the test of time?

(only counting iems that are over 1 years old in my collection, not necessarily old as in release date)

Blon BL-03 (mesh mod)
Shuoer Tape (EQ)
Tin Hifi P1 (EQ)

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For me it’s the KBEAR Tri i3