RIP Magnepans. My repair journey

One of my magnepans (the MG1C to be specific) got damaged today. I was out of the room, some people were over, and upon returning to the room I was told it “just fell over”. Upon further inspection it seems the speaker was damaged pretty bad. SO! I’m going to use this thread to document my attempt at repairing the speaker. This particular unit was last serviced in 3/8/88… so it’s certainly been around for a while. unfortunately the membrane was punctured and the wires bent out of it.
I’ll post pictures in here tomorrow as well as updates on what I learn while trying to fix them.


I’ve worked on Magnepans before and completely restored the pair that I’m using right now.

I can’t say for sure without looking at some pictures but from what you wrote it’s not impossible to repair
Start with ordering a rewire kit from your nearest magnepan dealer because it takes a while for them to ship it.

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Do they have re-wire kits for one’s that old? I haven’t gotten around to posting pics yet but I will in the next day or so/

Oh yeah They should have kits for all their models

Those people in the room when your speakers “just fell over” should never be let into your place again. Not one of them took responsibility for checking out your speaker and moving it beyond its tipping point. I would have kicked all them of out right then and there. Hope that you can get it repaired.


UPDATE: Damage is worse than I thought. Top of the mylar is completely torn off the frame. Yikes. Might try and repair it without replacing the whole sheet but I’m not sure at this point.