RIP Sabine Schmitz

A talented driver, funny and classy lady you’ll be missed by the petrolhead’s :cry:

The classic Tranny challenge…

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Race in Peace sabine :cupid:

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No way :frowning:  

She was and always will be the goddess of the Nürburgring.

That lapping the ring in a van in under 10 minute clip is the all time high water mark for Top Gear.

One of my favorites from her.

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How? I feel she was so young.

The big C man she’d been battling it for a few years :cry:

She was young, only 51. Been fighting cancer since 2017…

Man she was a very polite and respectful driver too, she could’ve done a Schumacher and shoved it up the inside a couple of times but didn’t…I hate brake lights on a track :grimacing:

Fuck :frowning:

My sis died from the C. It hits me every time I hear it got another person.

Sad news.Unfortunately not that unexpected as i heard of her condition ages ago, but then not much news.

Rip Sabine