RME Audio ADI-2 Dac Fs Suggestion

Have anyone suggestion about the RME Audio ADI-2 Dac Fs?
I have ordered one for a test.
I think is not a problem to drive the Denon Ah D7200,D2000 and the Fostex Tr x00 with it?
It give somewhat who i make a eye on it when i drive it?
It need a Burn in time?

I have the original ADI-2 DAC. It should have enough power to drive almost anything. The internal amp is good, but it’s worth investing in a nice dedicated amp for those headphones.

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Okay, and what for amp are you thinking about?
I have a Schiit Vali 2 and a Beresford capella at Home.

The RME is fine and should offer plenty of enjoyment. You have a mix of Good products in hand that are worth taking some time to get to know and appreciate for what each can do. Congratulations on the new piece, happy listening!

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Thanks,but i must wait of it next week because the Corona shit.
I hope it satisfaite me.

But the Burn in time how long he need it?
I have see same postings about 100-150 hours.