Rode AI-1 with Headphones and Speakers Simultaneously?

(Repost because this is a question about a DAC rather than a Speaker Amp)
Okay, basically:

I have a Rode AI-1 audio interface for a Rode NT-1. I have a set of Monolith M1060c. So far these have been a great combo. Now just this week I’ve added a new family member to my audio setup, JBL 306P MKIIs, and I have the JBL nano patch on the way as well. Here’s where the (potential) problem lies.

It appears that as long as you have the headphone input occupied, the audio output will always prioritize the headphones over the balanced TRS inputs for the speakers. Is there any way to run both inputs simultaneously? Or should I just get a second DAC specifically for the speakers? If that would be the better option, I’d appreciate some recommendations. Really the only requirements would be; not crazy expensive, and has balanced TRS inputs because I have those readily available.

Thanks everyone.

According to the manual, plugging in headphones disables the monitor-out in the back.

From the AI-1, you could use Y-splitters and hook a headphone amp that takes balanced in in paralel with the JBL nano patch. Problem solved :smiley: