Room treatment with desk setup

Hey, I’m trying to improve my rather suboptimal setup and need some advice.

I’m using LS50 on Isoacoustics stands in a desk setup. They are about 20cm away from the wall but the left speaker is a bit further away since the desk is oval shaped and not straight against the wall.

I’m trying to achieve less boomy and more controlled bass.
The port plugs make the bass a bit tighter but also take away a lot of the deeper bass notes.

I tried to use normal acoustic pyramide foam but there wasn’t really a noticable difference or improvement. Would thicker foam or absorbers with rockwool inside be a better option?

My room is very rectangular (5m by 2.4m) and my desk is in a corner along the long side of that rectangle. Therefore there is very limited space between my front and rear wall of my speaker setup.

Should I just go for more heavy and a bigger number of absorbers? (which can get quite expensive).

How do you deal with acoutics in your desk speaker setup?

Buy a small sub.


They might be bit too close to wall?
Seen few KEF LS50 drawings and they mentioned 1 feet or 9" being minimum distance.
That could ease the boominess and maybe try twisting them, toe in or toe out.
See what it does.

I would deal my desk setup with Genelecs. :grin:

Yeah you need a LOT of mass to notice any change in the low frequencies. If you want to notice a difference the panels should be no less than 12in in depth (preferably 16in or more depending on the room).

In any case, if you’re serious about this you should talk to an expert. Each room requires a different rate and level of absorption. There is no one size fits all, unfortunately. If you’re not sure what you’re doing I would consult an expert before you spend any kind of money on room treatment so you don’t end up wasting money.

What you can do is try to find your low-end sweet spot. I don’t know how limited you are in positioning but finding that first will get you the most balanced sounding bass the room will allow; and it’s free. It does take some time to do though so just account for that.

You mentioned the desk is in the corner? That definitely contributes to the boominess. Think of low frequency energy as waves in an ocean. If you put it in a corner, the waves will only get amplified and crash down on you.

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