Roon and windows 10 music file sharing help

If i use a portable ssd formatted on win10, and move flac files onto the drive, can i use this same drive with a rpi4+pi2aes running roon as the main music-only drive in combination with the os microsd card?

Mounting an NTFS formatted drive is possible as read-only in Linux.

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You do not run Roon per say from the rpi - just the end point.

Roon has 3 main components:

  1. Roon Core - roon server, file storage etc. This is where files are kept - not on the rpi itself…
  2. Roon End Point (roon bridge) - connects to the roon core and files are streamed from the core to the endpoint, this is your rpi or any device running the endpoint (roon bridge).
  3. Control point - an iPad, phone, your desktop PC etc running the roon App/UI which sends instructions to core to send music across the network aka to your rpi roon bridge that is then connected to an output something like this : rpi → DAC → Amp or receiver

Basically the pi is only running a roon capable OS - I happen to use ropieee but I am not trying to promote it - it is just what I chose. It has the roon bridge component installed and configured on it.
I have an old PC running Windows 10 that I dedicated as my roon core and installed just the roon server component and I have an dedicated 2tb SSD usb attached to that box that holds my library - though I could have a NAS or other storage too that is accessible to the Windows OS and therefor the roon server running on that PC.
I then have the roon endpoint (roon app/UI) installed on my main desktop PC , a laptop and my phone - I use these (whatever is most convenient for me at the time) to control what I am playing.

Note: you can run both the roon core (server) and endpoint (roon app/UI) on the same host if needed, but it is not best practice for performance reasons - but it is certainly doable and works much better if you have a robust PC.

Note: You can also stream to other devices running the endpoint, not just a pi or dedicated commercial device as long as it can run the roon bridge, this can be a PC for an example. And the PC can also run the roon app/UI for control as well.

If you want or need more information help on setup etc. C’mon over to the Roon Runners thread there are lots of folks there who can answer and help with setups many of us are using the pi as endpoints.


Alrighty I will respond to this post through the topic over there