Rupert Neve has passed away

Thank you for this post where I learned about the passing.

Those that have been around the forum for a bit know the RNHP amp is legendary and revered. But despite a simple piece of equipment that’s just priced right that many refuse to part with… Rupert Neve has impacted all we do whether you know it or not as an enthusiast, as a musician, theater geek.

Rupert Neve managed to build recording consoles and made working with solid state a science to even recreate aspects of sounds. His recording console he designed and built from scratch has produced the likes of Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson for a few of the “small names” have sought his recording studio.

Feel free to post Ruper Neve recorded music, post some links, history, and if you’re able raise a toast to a legend that has fallen. He’s one of the few people that was taken from us “too soon” at 94.


Qobuz has a link of music recorded:


I have never had the opportunity to demo a RNHP, but I have certainly reaped the benefits of his hard work.



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bummer! what a contribution he made to not only musicians but engineers as well!

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