ry4S UE--Whats going on here!

So Im not an IEM person.Takes a long time to get them into proper position and then I feel them in my ear canal,–as I said, not an IEM fan. So I find some reviews of chi fi earbuds and I take a shot at most praised( 8 bucks on Aliexpress and free shipping-how could I not.)
They at first sounded very bright and detailed so I burnt them in for 100 hours and Im amazed. I own a variety of headphones Tin 2,Ships 3500,Grado Alessandro M1,Monks. The RY4s is not even in the same league. Detailed with perfect treble, plenty of bass and a huge soundstage with fantastic imaging. Im using a Fiio M11 in the pure music mode with battery saver on so maybe its the DAP causing the best my 5000 songs has ever sounded? I just cant believe these cheap earbuds sound so good. They are my headphone endgame . If you want to take a Chance make sure you get the RY4S-UE and not the regular RY4S or the RY4S Plus that have no cable but an mmcx input. Never tried either of them so maybe they are just as good but go for the UE and you will hear what im talking about.

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I know this was more than a year ago and I agree. I’ve tried highly recommended IEMs like the Thieaudio legacy 3, and lots of budget chi-fi stuff and nothing really stands up to the RY4S. It just sounds so natural like the music is right in front of you.

The only chi-fi earbud that compares in my collection is the Qian69 that I had a while back but killed trying to do a cable swap :confused:

The RY4S plus with MMCX has a sound that really depends on the cable. It only really sounds good with a discontinued copper/silver mix cable by NiceHCK, otherwise it sounds blown out and harsh.

by the ry4s UE, do you mean the 300 ohm mmcx model on the ry4s plus aliexpress entry? Or their GM500 UE 300 ohms on the same store?