S.M.S.L. SD-9 Issue with bit rate?

I recently upgraded my DAP from a Fiio X5 to the S.M.S.L. SD-9.
My current Setup is the S.M.S.L. SD-9 with a 2tb external HDD loaded with all my music files with the coax line out going into my RME ADI-2 coax input which then is sent from the RME XLR balanced output lines into my Topping A90 XLR input then into my headphones or studio monitors.

The issue that seems to be confusing me is with the RME info screen telling me the bit rate of files i’m playing saying 24bit on the coax line all the time even when the file i’m playing is 16bit. its displaying the kHz info properly when i switch songs to files with different bit rates or formats but for whatever reason it keeps saying 24bit on files that are not.

I have tried browsing through the settings in the S.M.S.L. but haven’t found a solution. since i’ve owned the DAP there hasn’t been a firmware update yet. not sure if this is an issue with the DAP or the DAC or a combo of the two. perhaps i’m reading too much into this but when i switch to the RME info screen it just bothers me that it’s saying 24bit when i know the file is 16bit.

Audiophile problems lol.
Thanks for reading. Any help or advice would be great.