S.M.S.L SHS-9 AMP is making crackling sound

Can someone please help I have a SH-9 and Su-9N amp and dac. No matter what headphones I use. The Massdrop 6xx or Hifiman Ananda , the AMP is making a crackling sound. I use a XLR 4 pin and 3.5 and 4.4 pin and still crackling. On high and low gain. I’m using a optical connection to my desktop. Drivers to my MOBO Maximus Formula XI are up to date. Windows 11 up to date. I have only had the set since Oct. of 2022. I also tried to optical cables. So it’s not the cables.

Is the crackling more like tuning through radio channels or more of a glitching/stuttering sound?

The former would point towards an analog problem (volume pot, connector, bad solder joint, etc.) while the later would hint at a software problem (buffer size, sample rate, windows fuckery, etc.)

Uh!. I don’t get it. It works now. My HD6XX AND ANANDA SOUND GOOD NOW. WHAT’S GOING ON? HELP